Live-Stream Tech Support

Coffee Tech Central hosts live-stream tech support and training sessions for coffee shops, roasters, and other independent technicians in need of further support.

Our mission is to connect you with a national network of highly trained and skilled coffee professional trainers and coffee service technicians who are qualified, vetted, and available via live-stream to provide you with technical support that can be accomplished online, rather than spending hundreds of dollars for unnecessary in-person service calls.

The first step is to simply call our main office at (402) 817-9991 to schedule an appointment.

Next, we will source the best fit for your situation and connect you with a service technician or trainer via FaceTime, Zoom, or your preferred live video application.

If you require a technician or training session on site, we will connect you with someone in your area to provide on-site services.

Sample Questions or Situations

I have an issue with my grinder , it’s jammed, how can I fix it?

The ground coffee remains mostly dry after brewing in the coffee brewer. How can I fix it?

Is the machine leaking. Can you help me fix it?

My espresso machine isn’t getting hot, the steam isn’t working.

My shots are tasting sour, can you help me fix it?

Why is my milk steaming bubbling up so much today?

Why am I not getting crema with my espresso shots today?

My shots are running too fast (or slow), how do I fix it?

Zoom, Facetime, and other live-stream video platforms are used to help diagnose the issue more efficiently. Video helps cut down on having to explain technical issues over the phone or emailing to a tech support that will get back to you, sooner or later. With live-stream tech support, simply find a camera person to hold your phone, show us the problem and briefly describe the issues, and we will walk you through how to resolve issues, whether that may require an in-person technician or simply assistance with error codes or walking through programming issues.

We are in the beta testing phase for this service. Several rules and conditions apply, but please contact or (402) 817-9991 to schedule a Zoom call to discuss your needs.

*We charge by the quarterly hour. There are no trip charges! There is significantly less wait time! Why have a technician visit your cafe when you may be able* to address the issue with us yourself and save hundreds of dollars? Let us walk you through the process for a fraction of the cost!

**If after the initial phone call determines that the situation requires an in-person service technician to visit your site, we will recommend the proper service and provide details to help guide the conversation to help save time and money with your preferred technician. We can help them help you! **

The Coffee Shop Tech Support Revolution Begins HERE.

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